Waiting, Waiting, Waiting

That’s all that’s going on right now. Sitting in the doctor’s office waiting to be seen. Hooray… Yeah, it’s about the last thing I want to be doing. πŸ˜’

I will say, though, this doctor is fantastic. He’s just not very punctual. Sometimes that’s because he’s working with other patients, giving each one the time and attention they deserve. Other times it’s because he hasn’t shown up yet. Like right now. 

My appointment was at 9:30. It’s now 12:30… and nobody in the office has been seen yet. Again, I’m not even sure that he’s here.


Okay, they just took the first patient back. 

So, something else to whine about… no I don’t really have anything else to whine about right now.

There is a benefit to the long wait. I’ve been working on the edits for Cold Lunch and I’m almost halfway through the book. If I put a bit more effort into it I might actually get to publish it later this month. Or early next month. Something to that effect.

Anywho, not sure what to do about the poetry today. I’ll see if I can come up with something before too long, and I’ll post it  either today or tomorrow, based on when I get it ready to post.


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